Cost breakdown of CALI's payout for an injured victim

CALI's compensation when a victim was bodily injured

If a victim bodily injured in the automobile accident, CALI compensates JPY1,200,000 as maximum based on actual financial loss. If the total of monetary loss excess JPY1,200,000, the victim will get only JPY1,200,000. Following is cost breakdown CALI compensates:

Article Specification Cost
Medical Expenses A doctor’s fee, surgical fee, medication fee, treatment fee and hospitalization fee Insurance will be paid based on actual expenses. As a general rule, payout is limited for the treatment only in hospitals.
Nursing Fee

If a victim is under the age of 12, and a doctor requires someone to be with him/her whole of the treatment process, nursing fee while hospitalization will be compensated.

Nursing even at home is subject for compensation.

JPY4,100 per a day in hospitalization

JPY2,050 per a day when nursing at home

Lost wage of nursing attendant is also for compensation. The upper limit is JPY19,000 per a day.

Miscellaneous expense Miscellaneous expense while hospitalization JPY1,100 per a day
Transportation fee Transportation fee which is needed to go to hospitals

This is to be compensated based on the actual expenses you spent for going to hospitals. If you use busses or trains you don’t need to submit receipts but if you use taxi, you need to submit its receipts.

Cost for artificial limb and so on Cost for Artificial limb, glasses, hearing aid, crutch and so on They are compensated based on the actual expenses. The cost of these goods should not be incredibly high. For example, the upper limit of cost for glasses is JPY50,000.
Fee for issuing medical certificate Cost for issuing Medical Certificate and medical fee statement The actual cost you paid for issuing these documents or certificates
Cost for issuing documents or certificates Handling charge for issuance of traffic accident certificate, certificate of registered seal, certificate of residence The actual cost you paid for issuing these documents or certificates
Lost wage ost wage is compensated if your income decreases due to the injury you got in the traffic accident.

JPY5,700 per a day

If you can prove more amount of lost wage, you can get compensated more, but the upper limit is JPY19,000 per a day.


Benefit for physical or mental pain due to the traffic accident

JPY4,200 per a day

If JPY1,200,000 is not sufficient for your loss, claim the rest amount of compensation to the at-fault driver.


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