CALI's tentative payout

For traffic accident victims feeling insecure about their living costs, CALI offers tentative payment. Even before CALI’s total amount of compensation is not confirmed, CALI offers exceptional payout when a car accident victim experiences financial difficulty for paying their living cost. Victims can claim the tentative payout only once.

CALI's tentative payout

Here is a table showing the standard cost of exceptional payout.

Amount of tentative payout Case
JPY2,900,000 For a dead victim

For a victim with following conditions:

-A fracture of the spinal column with symptoms that are recognized as damages of the spinal cord

-Complications with fractures of the upper arm or forearm

-Thigh or leg fracture

-Visceral rupture with peritonitis

-Those who need hospitalization for more than 14 days and medical treatment for more than 30 days


For a victim with following conditions:

-Spinal fracture

-Fracture of upper arm or forearm

-Visceral rupture

-Those who need hospitalization and medical treatment for more than 30 days

-Those who need hospitalization for more than 14 days

JPY50,000 Any Injury which needs medical treatment for more than 11 days

If the victim’s injury is not that severe and they commute to the hospital for less than ten days, CALI won’t pay these exceptional payouts. Additionally, if the total amount of compensation, in the end, is less than the exceptional payout, victims must pay back the difference to CALI.

How to apply for tentative payout

The whole process is the same as when you apply for the standard payout from CALI. Contact the voluntary insurance company and prepare documents as they instruct you. See this article on Applying for payout from CALI.

Here are the documents you have to prepare:

  • Automobile liability insurance claim for payment and payment instructions (standard form of liability insurance)
  • A Traffic Accident Certificate
  • Accident occurrence report
  • Certificate of Registered Seal
  • Medical certificate / diagnosis remuneration statement

After GIROJ receives the documents, the tentative payment will be made within one week.

In any case, if you experience financial difficulty, consult with voluntary insurance companies or professionals trying traffic accident cases. In Japan, attorneys or Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists can prepare these documents on behalf of you.


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