Law and Custom

Traffic accident cases in Japan settle according to Japanese Law and customs. Understanding them will help you to smoothly proceed with the case in any phase.

  • 16/03/2020
  • 17/03/2020

What if you broke another person’s property?

A responsible party has legal responsibility to compensate only for the repairing fee but not for its renewal cost. That’s a basic idea. However, only in the case where a damaged property needs to be rebuilt, renewal cost can be subject for compensation.

  • 31/12/2019
  • 07/03/2020

Three of Traffic Accident Liabilities

Under Japanese law, a negligent driver in a traffic accident has three liabilities: civil, criminal, and administrative liabilities. Paying compensation is under civil liability. Fine or imprisonment will be imposed under criminal liability. Suspending or cancelation of the driver's license is under administrative liability.

  • 30/12/2019
  • 30/12/2019

Extinctive prescription of claiming compensation

A traffic accident victim has a legal right to claim compensation to an at-fault party. The extinctive prescription for claiming compensation is three years. Requesting payout of insurance also has three years of extinctive prescription. Both are supported by the Japanese law: Civil Code and Insurance Act.

  • 26/12/2019
  • 30/12/2019

Compensation for Property damage traffic accident

Consolation money is not paid for a property damage traffic accident. However, the damages can be compensated by the at-fault party if a victim can prove his/her loss is due to the traffic accident.