Law and Custom

Traffic accident cases in Japan settle according to Japanese Law and customs. Understanding them will help you to smoothly proceed with the case in any phase.

    • 31/12/2019
    • 31/12/2019

    Three of Traffic Accident Liabilities

    Under Japanese law, a negligent driver in a traffic accident has three liabilities: civil, criminal, and administrative liabilities. Paying compensation is under civil liability. Fine or imprisonment will be imposed under criminal liability. Suspending or cancelation of the driver's license is under administrative liability.

    • 30/12/2019
    • 30/12/2019

    Extinctive prescription of claiming compensation

    A traffic accident victim has a legal right to claim compensation to an at-fault party. The extinctive prescription for claiming compensation is three years. Requesting payout of insurance also has three years of extinctive prescription. Both are supported by the Japanese law: Civil Code and Insurance Act.

    • 26/12/2019
    • 30/12/2019

    Compensation for Property damage traffic accident

    Consolation money is not paid for a property damage traffic accident. However, the damages can be compensated by the at-fault party if a victim can prove his/her loss is due to the traffic accident.

    • 16/10/2019
    • 17/01/2020

    Statement of medical expenses

    Statement of Medical Expenses is an official document issued by hospitals. It shows a detailed treatment record of your illness or injury, medical fee points, and medical expenses. Insurance companies refer to it for paying your medical fee. GIROJ, which is responsible for researching cases of CALI, also refers to it for checking your medical status.