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  • 22/08/2019
  • 26/03/2020

Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance

Purchasing primary insurance, so-called CALI, for your vehicle is legally mandatory in Japan. Almost all the victims in automobile accidents can get minimum compensation by CALI. Even if the at-fault driver didn't purchase CALI, there is a special insurance plan operated by the Japanese government.

  • 20/08/2019
  • 26/03/2020

Cost breakdown of CALI's payout for a dead victim

If an automobile accident victim was dead, CALI pays under JPY30,000,000 as compensation money to the bereaved family. However, CALI pays it out based on actual monetary loss. In this article, you can find what cost will be covered by the CALI's compensation.

  • 09/08/2019
  • 09/01/2020

Certificate of Traffic Accident

The Certificate of Traffic Accident is a document proving the accident truly happened. It shows the detail of the accident, for example, the date and the place, the name of the people who were involved in and so on. The Japan Safe Driving Center issues the certificate based on some evidence and the documents submitted by the police.

  • 03/08/2019
  • 05/01/2020

Tips for auto injury treatment

One of your goals for treating an auto-injury is to prove the injury is due to a traffic accident to insurance companies and GIROJ. To achieve the goal, there are some important notes when visiting doctors.

  • 24/07/2019
  • 31/10/2019

Is the damage, to humans or property?

If police categorize the accident as a personal injury traffic accident, the at-fault driver could incur both administrative and criminal penalties. If the accident is categorized as a property damage traffic accident, the people involved in the crash could incur an only administrative penalty.