Tips for auto injury treatment

Tips for auto injury

Being different from the treatment process of normal injury, you have some special notes when you get treatment of auto injury because you need to prove your injury is by traffic accident later to insurance company and also to GIROJ (General Insurance Rating Organization of Japan) if necessary. In this article, we introduce three important views when having the treatment of auto injury in Japan.

Treating your injury till full recovery may not  be "the answer"

In the case where your pain still leaves despite your constant treatment and rehabilitation, you'd better think about getting an acknowledgement of Residual Disability by CALI (Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance). 

While we hope your injury will be fully recovered by treatment in the hospital, not all the cases result in full-recovery. In some cases, your injury might not completely be cured despite the constant treatment for a really long time, and in the other cases,  you cannot continue the treatment despite your wish to do so. The following are examples based on our real cases.

  • Your doctor suggests to stop treatment because he/she thinks there is nothing left he/she can do for your treatment
  • The insurance company stops paying your medical expenses
  • Patient himself intentionally stops treatment

If you have to stop treatment even if your pain still exists, go on to the next step. That is to get acknowledgment of residual disability by CALI (Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance) in Japan. In other words, it is very important to always leave it in mind that your symptoms might leave almost forever and you might have to apply benefits for residual disability from the time you first visited a hospital. In doing so, you can make a coherent and logical treatment record which will be essential for applying for the benefit of residual disability by CALI. In the following topic, we introduce two basic attitudes to make a coherent and logical treatment record.

Relate your injury and/or sickness with the accident

To get the full compensation you deserve, prove that your injury and/or sickness is occurred by the car accident. Following points are important for that:

Go to a hospital at least within three days after the accident

Even when your injury is minor, go to a hospital as soon as possible. If the first visit to a hospital is more than 4 days later, an insurance company might not admit that your injury is caused by the traffic accident. Insurance companies and CALI are based on the idea that heavier injury shows up faster. Also in this regard, we recommend you to visit a hospital as soon as possible after the accident.

Be honest and don't start treatment of the symptoms not related to the accident

There are some people start treatment of the symptoms which is not medically related to the accident. Their purpose is to illegally get medical expenses from an insurance company.  In this case, there is a possibility that you cannot get compensated for any of your injuries even if some of them are clearly by the car accident. 

Always think how to medically explain your symptom 

Whether CALI thinks you deserve for benefit of residual disability depends on the quality of a medical certificate issued by your doctor.  And it is important to note that the medical certificate is made based on treatment records. 

Get examined by a doctor from as many point of views as possible

Not all the symptoms show up immediately after a car accident. Even when you feel your pain is minor, tell a doctor about your pain and ask the doctor to examine by MRI or CT if necessary. Not only to take pictures but also ask him/her to do Neurological examination as well. 

Think about all the possibilities

Be sensitive to note any difference between now and before the accident. Don't you sleep well after you're hit by a car? If yes, don't leave your symptoms behind and go to psychiatry to get diagnosed by a professional doctor. The important thing is to get a diagnosis on all the symptoms which might due to the unfortunate accident from a doctor so that you can prove the relation between your symptoms and the accident.


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